Thank you for your support! Since we opened our clinic in this community, we have treated more and more people in need including world-famous wrestling star and Calgarian, Bret “Hitman” Hart.
After his Royal Meridian Massage, Bret said to a reporter “Harmonia Wellness's Therapy is a miracle compared to any other treatment I went through.”  It was a very rewarding experience to treat Bret.

Bret “Hitman” Hart

When I was young and playing football, I never gave a second thought to the aches and pains that I would have to endure as my body got older. It's no fun awakening with the stiff joints and the soreness in many areas. In particular, I had a lot of back problems and I tried many different types of treatments without much success. I tried a variety of massages and never found much relief until I discovered the incredible Korean massage at Harmonia Wellness.

Wow!  It was amazing and for the first time I really felt like there was a relief for my aches and pains. Now I can hit a golf ball farther by loosening my muscles and joints; it means my flexibility and mobility are way more increased. Take it from an old football player, you must try their massage for yourself and see the difference.

Joe Forzani, The Forzani Group.

I was in so much pain with my sciatica that even sitting down presented a huge problem. I tried many different types of treatment and had resigned myself to living with the pain. Then I tried a massage treatment at Harmonia Wellness and after only one session I began to feel better. I have now had three treatments and I can walk normally and have even returned to work. I have recommended their services to all my family and friends. Thank you so much for your help in my recovery.

Eunju Kim