Body Care

Royal Meridian Massage  60min $100  90min $140

First, rigorous massage is performed centered around the spinal cord. Then, depending on the result, a follow up massage is given to the affected peripherals and abdomen area. Immediate relief can be felt for muscle ache, stress related fatigue and general prostration. This is a very unique Oriental massage technique offered exclusively by Harmonia Wellness.

Back Care Royal Meridian Massage 60min $80

Pain Relief, Reducing Stress, Stretching

Abdomen Area Care Royal Meridian + RF treatment 50min $80

Abdomen area Slimming, Cleaning and Comforting Your Organs

Lower body Care Royal Meridian + RF treatment 50min $80

Cellulite Reduction, Shaping and Slimming, Lymphatic drainage

Aroma Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage 60min $100 90min $140

Full Body Aroma Massage or Swedish Relaxation Massage. A great massage to increase muscle flexibility and reduce stress. The most comfortable and relaxing massage you will experience.