Body Care

Royal Meridian Massage  60min $100  90min $150

First, rigorous massage is performed centered around the spinal cord. Then, depending on the result, a follow up massage is given to the affected peripherals and abdomen area. Immediate relief can be felt for muscle ache, stress related fatigue and general prostration. This is a very unique Oriental massage technique offered exclusively by Harmonia Wellness.

Abdomen Area Care Royal Meridian + RF treatment 60min $100

Abdomen area Slimming, Cleaning and Comforting Your Organs

Lower body Care Royal Meridian + RF treatment 60min $100

Cellulite Reduction, Shaping and Slimming, Lymphatic drainage

Aroma Massage, Swedish Relaxation Massage 60min $100 90min $150

Full Body Aroma Massage or Swedish Relaxation Massage. A great massage to increase muscle flexibility and reduce stress. The most comfortable and relaxing massage you will experience.

Pregnancy and New Mom Care 
Reduce normal discomfort experienced during the pregnancy 60min $100

Baby and Children Massage 

Gentle rhythmic touch for comforting baby and children 30min $50, 60min $100